How God called me?

A call is an act of God’s voice being recognized in one person’s heart or spirit. God created human beings in order to expand His kingdom. Expansion of this kingdom is possible when God works with we human beings who God invites to work with Him. Those who recognize this call, respond to it positively. In general, a call is God’s idea to invite a human being to work with Him in order to extend the Kingdom of God on earth so that God’s will might be completely and perfectly fulfilled on earth as in heaven.

In fact, I realized that God has called me to teach His word to all people. The current church of my country lacks God’s knowledge. Some Evangelists, pastors and other church leaders and most Christians are in deep confusion on the question of what to be done, in order to inherit the Kingdom of God. No wonder you may find some Christians and other church leaders changing denominations, moving from one denomination to another, looking for the true way that qualifies someone for the salvation. Therefore, teaching God’s word seems to be most important to strengthen the church. And I was able to recognize this call on my life as explained in detail to bellow.

I begin with my first awareness of my call to serve. Since my earliest childhood, I liked to pretend that I was preaching the way the church leaders do. This showed that there was a deep awareness of faith and a love of the church in my heart. I attended Sunday school and other services and led services especially after being confirmed by the Bishop.  This was not common for people of my age. Therefore, it reminded me that, I was not the one who did these things, but God within me.

Apart from that, being one of the leaders in the Tanzania Students’ Christian Fellowship helped me to understand that God was calling me. I was a leader of this group for many years while studying in schools and colleges. Being a leader in schools and colleges helped me to learn the word of God, which later I taught in the church. Above all, the peace of mind and the rest in my heart that I experienced as I was teaching the word God, affirmed to me that God has called me teach His word.

Being a teacher in a secular school was another thing that pointed out that in my heart was a call from God that must be answered. I studied Automotive engineering to become a Technician. However, the government posted me to teach these skills in a school, instead of sending me to work as a technician in a shop. This was completely beyond my understanding. I taught government schools for several years. This helped me realize that God was preparing me to teach His word. Becoming a good teacher in the secular schools might help me to be a better teacher of the Good News too.

All in all, the absence of internal peace in my heart was another thing that helped me to sense God’s call. I worked as a teacher in the government schools for almost six years. But as wonderful as it was, in all this time I had no internal peace. I reported to my work station in April 12, 2007 and by the end of 2009, I felt like I could not continue with the job.

I asked myself many questions that had no answers. The only thing that helped me to escape this trouble was to return to school for further education. After further education, I returned to the job. However, the first day I returned to the work was not as much improved as I had hoped. I had no peace again and could not explain. This lack of peace was telling me that God was calling me to teach His Word, not the secular subjects of my current position. So, I resigned the job and started a new life, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a teacher.

As a response to God’s call, my wife and I started to teach God’s word in different parishes within the diocese. These were the happiest moments, to teach and preach the gospel of salvation to many people.

Through this ministry, many people with broken hearts were healed and the marginalized experienced the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We also provided Christian education to students in the schools as a way to responding to God’s call. I had to teach formal and informal Christian education to students. Informal Christian education is where all students from different denominations in a school (including Muslims) were enlightened about Christian knowledge. Formal Christian education is when students are taught about the Bible as an academic subject.

Teaching at St. Michael’s Bible School was another way I responded to God’s call. In this school I had to teach evangelists and parish workers who were preparing to work in the church. I had the responsibility to teach courses such as Theology, Old Testament and Christian Life. This was an opportunity for them to acquire knowledge that could help them serve the church.

I established the El Gibbor Ministry, also in response to God’s call to teach.  This mission’s goal was to send the gospel message to villages in Tanzania using the Internet. Through the Village Gospel mission, we prepared spiritual seminars and conferences, and taught God’s word in village churches and open spaces where people gathered to listen to the Good News.  This ministry helped us carry the word further than we might if we had to travel to each location.

To sum up I can say that, I missed peace and happiness when I was teaching the secular subjects. When I accepted my call to teach the word of God, peace and happiness prevailed in my heart. When I followed other ways rather than teaching the word of God, I had no peace at all. When I accepted to teach the word of God, I became happy. These feelings have confirmed to me that I have heard God’s call correctly, that I am called to teach God’s word to all people and in all places, so as His perfect will might be completely and perfectly fulfilled in peoples’ lives. Therefore, I know that God’s call is leading me further, to provide more theological education to help make more teachers to spread God’s word and to give more teachers the tools that they need to do God’s work of social justice, confronting the extreme poverty and inequality in the society.